Belfast Design Week is an annual festival celebrating local and international talent across the city. As part of BDW’s Big Design Day Out, I designed and facilitated a SOLD OUT children’s video storytelling workshop in Farset Labs. Twenty children registered for the three-hour workshop, leading them from initial concepts to video production before a movie style premiere.
This workshop tested the viability of final year self initiated project, Troupe. Troupe was a children’s co-creation video service which encouraged character creation, storyline building and ownership of content themes.
What did I test?
I was particularly interested in how children co-create together, take ownership of storylines and how the content develops organically. I wondered if I could successfully lead the children through a variety of multi-media steps, creating iterations from paper and finish with digital video media. 

What happened next?
After the workshop, I maintained communication with Belfast Design Week and Farset Labs, volunteering as part of a multi-disiplinary Covid-19 charity response workshop. I provided a design lens to plan a strategic vision for Farset now and in a post Covid-19 future. Read about it here. 

A huge thank you to Cubist Coffee, who sponsored the event. Cubist work with sustainable and ethical roasters, providing blind coffee tastings to get you closer to what you want out of your morning cup.​​​​​​​
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